Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate.........Did I MentionChocolate???

Hello Sweets,

Well if you haven't guessed by the title of the post, we are talking about CHOCOLATE!!!!  And lots of it too :)  Tonight I bring you the anniversary dessert that got me a wide eyed smile from my handsome love, and I wanted to also share our amazing date.

Since Nathan is preparing to finish up all his commercial pilot requirements, he's been flying, like a lot.  Which means early before dawn early lol, only because by 9-9:30am the temperature is already in the mid to high 90F.  However, the views you get are worth every yawn and every bag under your eye lol. They're also some of the prettiest colors.  I've always been a lover of nature, and I am very fond of any natural beauty, but these views........well check them out for yourself :)

 2 years together, but only feels like minutes have gone by
 Taxiing over to the strip and the colors start to form :)
 absolutely breath taking
 I need a better camera, because if I can take this with my phone imagine the possibilities
my personal pilot, so handsome when he concentrates

Love this profile shot <3  

There is nothing better in the world then sharing a view as beautiful with the one you love.  To be honest, after the first breath taking ride, I've had no problem dragging my butt out of bed ;)  I've missed one flight thus far, and I felt guilty that I did lol, I know crazy right?

So you can see how amazing the gift that he gave me was, so naturally I was very excited that I got the same excitement from him with the dessert :p  Yesterday we made the base for our dessert, the chocolatey goodness of Oreos!!  Well today we are going to fill that puppy up guessed it chocolate!!  I wasn't sure what to look for or what to expect with a chocolate pie but that wasn't going to stop me ;)  Then I came across a recipe that embodied both chocolate and a Texan favorite, pecans! 

Triple Layer Mud Pie
3sqrs Baker's semi-sweet chocolate, melted
1/4C sweetened condensed milk
1 Oreo Pie Crust (6oz)
1/2C pecans, chopped
2pkgs (3.9oz) Jell-O instant chocolate pudding
2C cold 2% milk
1 tub Cool Whip, thawed

1)  Mix the melted chocolate with the condensed milk.

 2)  Pour into the pie crust and sprinkle with the pecans.

3)  Beat pudding mixes with the cold milk with a whisk for 2 minutes; spooning 1 1/2C onto the pecans
*I would recommend piping the pudding mixture on, as it is quite thick and frustrated me lol*


4)  Stir half of the Cool Whip into the remaining pudding.  Spread over the pudding layer.

5)  Top with remaining Cool Whip and refrigerate for a minimum of 3 hours.
2 years of nothing but LOVE!!
Not the prettiest, but heck it's damn tasty!

In addition this delicious dessert, Nathan made his Signature Steaks (mmmmmm) and we paired it with my amazing Twice Baked Potatoes and the super yummy Corn on the Cob (which Nathan and I have updated since then and will share soon!).  I also made a fresh loaf of Whole Wheat Honey Bread, almost identical to the bread from the Cheesecake Factory :)  Paired with a lovely glass of red wine
Sorry about the half eaten dinner, but it smelt so good I dove right in lol

As you can see the little puppy Bear was mooching, but I was in a particularly good mood (love and all) so she got some steak.......and fillet.

That's a few snap shots into our loving day of celebration, I hope you enjoyed it as much as Nathan and I did :)  Until next time...........................................

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxoxo

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