Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Bruised Little Peach

Hello Sweets,

So it is with great embarrassment to tell y'all that last night I fell down the stairs >_<  Thank you gravity, like I don't have enough wide spread pain as it is *sigh*.  I couldn't even tell you how it happened, I wasn't multitasking or anything.  The only factor that I feel played apart was the fact that all the downstairs lights were off, normally there is a dim light in the kitchen left on but apparently not last night.  Thankfully I have nothing more than some bruised body parts, and well of course my bruised pride.  It really upset me because today I was supposed to have some play time with my nephew, but my sister had to reschedule as well.  Funny how things can sometimes coincide so that everyone is a winner, want to know my prize?  Tomorrow I am going with my sister to chaperon my nephews daycare to the movies, and we're going to see Planes!  As excited as I am to be going to see it I know I won't see most of the movie, as a chaperon I think that's normal.  I love the movie Cars so much that I convinced Nathan to watch it with me, he's a big fan of NASCAR so I knew he'd like it too.  I was super happy when he enjoyed it as much as I did, upon founding out they were making a Planes version it was decided we'd see that too!  With a family of pilots there is no other choice really lol, so thankfully when I'm back in Texas we will go and see it and I'll be able to see it in it's entirety.  When I write tomorrow's post I'll let you know how it goes with all the little ones, maybe even snag a cutie picture of Miguel to share with y'all.

When ever I finish one blog post I immediately start thinking of the next one, I sometimes find the title of the post to be the hardest part (you have to intrigue people after all).  Well as soon as I hit the bottom of the stairs the title hit me almost as hard, peaches bruise easily just like I did *BAM*.  Lol at least I can laugh at it now, last night I had a little bit of a sulk fest but I'm doing better today :)  So I'm sure you know which delicate fruit we're working with today ;)  Peaches have always been one of my favorite fruits, despite it's fuzzy outside they're so sweet and juicy.  I remember as a child trying to eat them with out having juice drip all over my hands and face, still to this day I have not mastered that lol.  However, I have never made a peach pie (only things like cobbler and muffins) or eaten one for that matter.  I know crazy right, well I was about to change that with more mini tarts!

Honey Peach Pie Filling
7 large peaches, peeled and sliced
3/4C honey, melted
4Tbs cornstarch
tiniest pinch of salt
3/8Tsp nutmeg

1)  Stir all ingredients together.

That's all you do, lol really and I apologize for not having a picture of the final filling.  However, I do have something much.......sweeter ;)

These tarts have a nice subtle flavor that is sweetened by the honey, and it makes a great dessert after dinner when paired with vanilla ice cream (as my grandparents did).  I actually called my grandparents today to see how they were and if they were enjoying the tarts I left for them.  My grandmother was very thankful that I brought some for them and she is thoroughly enjoying them.  That melts my heart to no end, sometimes we don't think she eats enough but when I cook for them she usually eats more than I do.  There are few things better in life than knowing your family is proud of you but I'll tell you one thing, it still amazes me sometimes when they tell me that they are.

Well we are half way through the tart fillings, and that means it's getting closer to the day I am reunited with the love of my life in Texas.  Frankly it can't come fast enough, to anyone that is not Canadian I'll tell you why.  It's only the middle of August but it feels as though it's October or November, seriously it's super cold.  So I am going to cuddle up in my leopard hoodie footie and snuggle while I watch some Breaking Bad, yea I know I'm completely late to that party but I just got hooked on it a few days ago lol.  Until next time..........................................

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxoxo

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