Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good Ol' Down Home (Texas) Cookin'

Hello sweets,

I hope ya'll (the Texan in me is definitely coming out for this post hehe) had a wonderful weekend.   The last few days have not been good for me health wise, but it just means I've got to take it slower than normal.  Did ya'll do anything exciting?  Go out to a pumpkin patch, or finalize your costumes?  I'd love to hear all about what ya'll are doing for this all hallows eve... muahahaha.

Since I haven't been feeling too well, I haven't been cooking a lot, and when I have it's been pretty simple.  So tonight I have a couple of little recipes courtesy of my love Nathan ;)  Nothin' fancy at all, actually I think these recipes would be great for tailgatin', campin', kids, and summer family get togethers.  Both of the following recipes remind me of when I was little; although one is spicier now then it used to be, but none the less give you that nostalgic feeling :)

Now let us get to the "meat" of this blog!  I will be giving you a recipe for; "spicier weenies and beans", and one for "in husk BBQ corn on the cob".  Now remember my primary rule of thumb for cooking, these are only guidelines and I encourage you to use the spices your pallet enjoys and don't be afraid to venture outside them as well!

"Spicier" Weenies and Beans
5-6 hot dogs (use any type you like and more of less if you prefer)
1tbs French's Yellow Mustard
1 jar of Stubb's Spicy BBQ sauce
1 large can of Bush's Best Beans (any style you prefer)
1/3 of a yellow onion
1tbs Imperial Light Brown Sugar (1-1 1/2tsp of dark brown sugar)

1)  Preheat oven to 350F.  In a 2.5L casserole dish; put the beans and full bottle of Stubbs.  I don't measure the mustard I like to do a figure 8 length wise on the top, add brown sugar, and mix in thoroughly.  

2)  Dice onion, add to mix.  Cut the hot dogs into small pieces and mix in. 

3)  Sprinkle a little bit of brown sugar on top, not too much but just enough to caramelize the top.

Easy one dish meal!

4)  Bake for 1 hour, the dish is very heavy and hot so please be careful :)

5)  Serve in a bowl with a side of shoestring french fries and enjoy!

Now hold on to your spatulas here comes recipe number 2 :p

In Husk BBQ Corn on the Cob
Ears of Corn in husk (as many as you need)
Land O Lakes Butter
White Sugar

1)  Carefully peel back husks (its okay if they tear just don't pull them off), remove all the corn silk (tiny hairs) and wash.
Yum! Fresh corn

2)  Rub the cob with completely with butter (or you can use olive oil for a healthier option), season the corn with salt, pepper, and a little bit of sugar (be careful too much sugar = too sweet).  Pull the husks back over the corn, they don't need to be perfect but be sure they are covered as to not burn the corn.

3)  Place on the grill, low to medium heat; 30 minutes for low and 15 minutes for medium.  Every grill is different so be sure to monitor throughout the process.  The husks themselves will darken and may burn but this is okay.

Be careful when peeling the husks back as they will be very hot! Use a decent sized knife, and cut the husk about 1-2 inches from the bottom, and the layers fall away easily. Enjoy with a delicious steak, chicken, or salmon, and since you grilled it with the butter and seasonings, it's plate ready right off the grill!

Doesn't this look delicious!! Mmmm

Try the recipes out for yourselves and give them your own little twists ;)  Let me know what dishes are nostalgic to you, and what recipes were passed on to you from family.

Well there is a little Texas rain starting to form here, and that means much more thunder and lighting than where I come from in Canadia ;)

Can't tell but it shouldn't be this dark this early

Until next time my friends :)

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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