Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sweet, Sweet Nectar

Hello Sweets,

Oh man am I exhausted :( , I could barely sleep at all last night and maybe got about two whole hours of rest :(  I knew today was going to be tiring because my nephew is always full of energy, but the lack of sleep has made it even worse.  I will apologize now if this post becomes quite brief, but I felt like I was going to fall asleep while walking home from the grocery store (not a good feeling).  Just call me zombie Canuckette lol.

As I told y'all yesterday, I was going to be lending a hand chaperoning a movie outing for my nephews daycare with my sister.  We went and saw Planes (Disney Pixar) and it was very cute, not anything like Cars but good in it's own ways.  I was absolutely shocked at how well the children were in the theater, we're talking about three and four year old's sitting for about two straight hours.  As you can see from the following pictures, my little burrito had a wonderful time.  He also probably ate more popcorn then Asha (my sister) and I did lol, that boy can pack food away like nobody's business!
eating by the handful lol
that's one happy little boy :)

Today's fruit pie filling star is the hairless cousin of the peach, that's right nectarines!  I love these as much as peaches, and just like peaches I tried tirelessly to not get the juice all over me as a child (and now as an adult) lol.  It was actually quite cute watching Miguel eat one today, every time a little drop of juice would slide down his little hands he would chase it with his tongue lol too cute!  And just like with the peaches, I have never had a nectarine pie >_<  What better time to try something new right lol?  It's a very simple recipe and super easy to make, but personally I think simple is usually better than something that's been over complicated ;)

Nectarine Pie Filling
heaping 1/2C sugar
3Tbs cornstarch
4-6 large nectarines, pitted and diced

1)  In a large bowl, whisk together the sugar and starch.

2)  Add the nectarines and gently toss until they're evenly coated.

Once you have your filling ready, place a heaping spoonful into the pastry cup.  Baking as directed in the earlier post (click that little link!), and allow to cool before eating.  The nectarine tarts pair quite nicely with either some french vanilla ice cream, or if you're looking for a healthier companion cottage cheese :)

Don't they look delicious?!?  Well we're almost at the end of the tart series, I have two more little treasures tucked away.  But don't worry I'll be sharing those with you over the next two days.  As I said before this post is a little short, now in addition to the tiredness I am also experiencing some annoying pulsing pain in my shoulder/collarbone area >_<  What a lucky girl I am *eye roll* :p  Until next time.......................

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxoxo

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