Sunday, August 4, 2013

Poppin' Bottles

Hello Sweets,

I hope everyone has had a relaxing Sunday, and for most of my Canadian readers enjoy one more day off (it's a holiday tomorrow).  I've done nothing but relax all day because I've felt super awful :(  Sleep is becoming somewhat of an illusion to me, I have trouble sleeping as it is but now I'm having nightmares too.  Sigh, what are you going to do right?  Well I'm going to blog because it tends to take my mind off of everything, and y'all are pretty awesome :)

Yesterday I told you that I'd be sharing an "adult" treat I made for the fourth of July, and judging by the title of this post do you have an guesses?  Yes it does include champagne, but it also includes something children love.  It wiggles, it jiggles, it's Jell-O (I sang that as I wrote it and I hope you sang it too lol).  Yup I made champagne Jell-O shots, and of course I stuck with the theme of red, white, and blue.  Now I'm not going to give you the recipe for any of the flavored Jell-O, because all you do is sub the champagne in replace of the cold water.  However, unflavored gelatin is a completely different process so that is what I'll be sharing today.  This recipe is NOT mine, I found it on another blog called Dixie Delights.  I haven't read all of her stuff but what I have read I love, she seems like a fun and down to earth person.  She's from Georgia so you know she's a real southern bell, so please check out her site too I know you won't be disappointed.

Champagne Jell-O Shots (from Dixie Delights)
1 box of unflavored gelatin (4 pks)
1 bottle of your favorite champagne
cups to set the jell-o in (we picked up condiment cups at Wal-mart)

1)  Pour 2 cups of champagne into a saucepan, and sprinkle with gelatin.  Allow a few minutes to let the gelatin settle into the liquid.

2)  Heat on low, stirring constantly until the gelatin has dissolved.  This will take approximately five minutes, once the bubbles subside you will be able to see if it is completely dissolved.  Remove from heat.

3)  Stir in the remaining champagne and pour into your cups.  Place in the fridge and allow to set, as she did I also left mine overnight.


When you mix it with the fruit Jell-O it's a subtle flavor, but with the unflavored gelatin it's all champagne baby :)  It also has a carbonation to them which make them even more enjoyable, as if that was even possible right?

Well I said it would be a short, sweet, and sassy post and I think I've delivered ;)  Tomorrow we're going to take an imaginary trip over to a country that has wooden shoes and nesting dolls.  We are going to make one of the dishes they are best known for, but you'll have to come back tomorrow to find out what it is!  Until next time......................................

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxoxo

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