Friday, November 16, 2012

Sick as a Dog :(

Hello Sweets,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday, you are after all one step closer to the weekend!  I, however, woke up today feeling like I had swallowed a pine cone :(, so unfortunately my blog will be short but sweet today since I need to rest up my immune system.

Waking up sick today reminded me of when I first got diagnosed, the doctors told me that I could get sick easier than the average person because my immune system is confused with everything else my body is fighting and not sleeping properly.  But it was easier for me to deal with being sick then over now, and it's weird because it's not because I did things differently, it's because I had my best fur friend Roxy a lab/collie/shepherd mix, to cuddle me when I was away from Nathan.  Roxy is no longer with me (that is a long story that I don't like rehashing), which has been hard for me, considering it's been almost a year (December 17th to be exact) I thought it would get easier too.  But when something or someone has a huge impact in your life,  it always feels like it was yesterday.  I wanted to share some pictures and happy memories with all of you, because even though she is not with me anymore she never leaves my thoughts :)  She was literally that great of a dog!
3mths old, just brought home <3   
We used to take long walks on the trails by the river, and she would always go for a swim lol she's just like me, loves the water :)
I went on a girls trip to Las Vegas and someone definitely missed me, instant cuddles when I walked in.
Sick days became more often, and she never left my side.  Best dog you can ask for! 
Last night together :( we watched Marley and Me (our favorite), and I let her finish the peanut butter, still in the jar lol

Although thinking of her still brings tears to my eyes, I can still smile through them because we have so many great memories together.  Every animal I have ever owned holds a place in my heart (I love fur babies), but I think Roxy holds an extra large spot, she was with me everyday during one of my sickest parts of this whole ordeal, and if it was a really bad day she wouldn't leave my side.  I love my baby girl still, and I'll never forget her :) xoxox
My all time favorite picture of my girl :)

But you know I am fortunate enough to have some great people in my life and even a new fur baby, Nathan has been kind enough to share his dog with me; little baby Bear a Pomeranian.  And who can forget my amazing nephew Miguel :) aka my little raspberry burrito (inside joke), and I just remember the good times with Roxy and create new memories with the ones that are here today!
The love of my life and I at a Dallas Stars game last year
My adorable burrito, in auntie Jemmy's sweater! 
Sleepy little Bearries

Well sweets, this is all the energy I can muster up for now, I am going to make me another cup of green tea with a touch of honey and cuddle up in bed and watch some of my favorite shows (American Horror Story). 

Until next time.............

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxoxo

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