Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mini weekend catch-up :)

Hello Sweets,

I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekends.  Nathan and I are having a great time down at the Texas Motor Speedway!  Did any of you have something special going on this weekend?  I would love to hear all about it. :)  I wanted to write a quick filler blog since I am not baking or cooking this weekend, besides the batch of Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes I whipped up yesterday before the race, I wanted to give all my lovely readers an update.

Well we just finished day two of three of our race weekend, which means the longest race is tomorrow, which also means it's the most exciting day. :)  Now I know not everyone likes racing, or maybe you don't know much about it either.  I was that person (both ways) up until April of this year.  Nathan, his dad, cousin, and uncle all get season tickets every year out at the Texas Motor Speedway, and for 3 weekends a year, they are next to unreachable lol.

Last year at Christmas time, Nathan had asked me if I liked racing, or if I'd be willing to go to a race and see what it was all about.  Now I was one of those people who always thought there really wasn't anything interesting about racing (ask me to go to a hockey game and I'm in!).  But I love him, and love sharing past times with him almost as much, so of course I said yes, and for the April races his dad told me I could have his ticket :) (so sweet of him, since I was a newb and all).  First, and really only concern of mine, was the noise.  Now anyone who knows me, knows I suffer from daily migraines (it's a really good day if I DON'T get one :( ), but they reassured me I wouldn't have an issue since they had noise cancelling headsets.  I was a little weary as to how well they would work, but I'll be damned, they work wonders, and made it extremely easy for me to enjoy the races!  Not to mention they have scanners that allow you to listen to the drivers and their crew.  This is one aspect I REALLY enjoy, but once Nathan explained all the science that goes into the whole ordeal, I was officially a NASCAR girl!  I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with NASCAR, and ever since April I have been given a ticket to go with them :) (they love me lol).

Really the best part of a NASCAR weekend, is the tailgating you do before and after!  You and your friends arrive at the speedway at least a few hours before the race to sit, chat, grill a few hot dogs, and maybe make some friendly wagers in the parking lot before heading in.  Just about thirty minutes before the race is set to start, we make our way to the seats (which by the way have a COMPLETE view of the track!), get all settled with the headsets and scanners just in time for the famous "Drivers, start your engines!".  Because we have two sets of radios, one a scanner for the drivers/broadcast, and one to talk to each other, we can listen to the drivers talk smack, and of course, smack talk each other lol, all in good sport of course.  Once the race is over, the driver does his victory lap complete with a "smoke show" burnout, the fireworks adorn the backstretch, then it's back out to the the parking lot to wait at our little tailgate party/BBQ while the traffic thins out.  The best part of tailgating at NASCAR is really two things; 1) meeting new people and 2) seeing that complete strangers will help you out even if you didn't ask, they really are super sweet people.

While I was packing up all the baked goods I made (officially the popular baker of NASCAR now lol), and all the other miscellaneous items we needed, I grabbed a tin of Altoids.  Now I'm not sure if any of you have had Altoids before, but I never buy them so I did not know about their "curiously strong facts".  Well this particular tin had a "fact" that had me in tears because I was laughing so hard that I just had to share it with all of you in my blog world :p
I hope you all find this as funny as I did

Of course Nathan, being raised a proper southern gentlemen, walked with me for a little while to check out the vendors and what they were peddling to the public.  We came across a cute little vendor called "Race Angels".  They're geared strictly towards women and sell really cute racing related items.  I thought we were just window shopping but when I said "are you ready to go back?", Nathan replied "well did you see something you liked?", and of course, I did.  Needless to say, Nathan bought me a cute little "racing princess" t-shirt.  I absolutely love it, and will be wearing it tomorrow!  The sales girl mentioned a shirt that was on sale for $10, but after he had already paid with his card (I'm sure she didn't make that mistake again tonight lol).  Needless to say, we're going to wander back down tomorrow, and if it's still there, we're going to make them an offer they cannot refuse!  
Isn't it pretty? :)  He spoils me so much!

Well we are both exhausted and have to try and get to bed at a half decent time as tomorrows race is a day race, so that means I need to get some beauty sleep or strong coffee in the morning lol.  Until we do though, this is what we're doing/ where we'll be;
Best feeling in the world, relaxing with your feet up!

I promise a full NASCAR dedicated post, probably Tuesday, as I forgot to pack my computer adapter for my camera, lol figures, but I'll do a couple mini ones tomorrow and Monday.  Until next time......

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo 

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