Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Trip to Toronto

Hello Sweets,

It's Wednesday :) and that means the work week is almost over!  For me it means neurologist appointment and navigating my way through the crazy streets of Toronto, and it only being half way through my day, I'm already exhausted lol.

My day didn't start off to well, I slept through my alarm this morning (ugh) which means I had to rush like crazy, which always gets me frazzled when I do.  Rushing means I had to take all my medications on an empty stomach :( not good.  Lucky for me my grandfather is a peach and stopped at Tim Hortons so I could grab a coffee and a bagel.  After that, I had just enough time to run across the street to the bus station and climb on to the already packed bus.  As soon as I saw that, I knew it was going to be a long ride to Toronto.  I couldn't have been more right, the young man I had the pleasure to sit with couldn't stay in his seat, so I might as well of been sitting in the aisle.  The good thing about the bus now, is they're caught up in the technology world, so I got to watch one of my favorite shows; Law & Order SVU all the way there :)

Nathan could tell you that last night I was so worried about getting lost before my appointment, having to navigating from the bus station to the hospital, but he'll be happy to know I made it in one piece and only got a little freaked out once :) yay me!  Since I have some time to kill before my appointment, I thought I would start my little post, and grab a bite to eat (I just love you guys!).  For lunch I went to "Soup it up", which is obviously a soup shop, and got a bowl of cream of mushroom soup (haven't had it in forever), a chocolate milk, and a small multi-grain roll.  It was so so, more soupy than creamy, so needless to say I wasn't very impressed.
My sad little soup, on the plus side my chocolate milk was delish!

Oh well.  There is a Booster Juice, so I'll just grab a shake on my way out.  Live and learn right?  Next I will get to go into the "cattle area" otherwise known as the inpatient check in, and then I'll be shuffled upstairs to see the doctor.  It's weird because I'm slightly nervous and I don't know why (weird huh?).  Well I'm going to venture into Shoppers Drugmart to kill some time, then I will complete my post on the way home.  Blog to you soon ;)

Good news sweets, my brain is giant but other than that, I'm a okay on the brain front.  I sort of figured this already, but better safe than sorry right?  The doctor prescribed me some migraine medication so hopefully that will help (keep your fingers crossed for me).  So I didn't end up stopping at Booster Juice because I was feeling kind of sick, but instead grabbed a nice hot chai tea to keep me warm on my way back to the bus station, and boy was it yummy!
Me and my tea on the go!

Now I am just waiting for my bus to be called and trying not to get dragged into any of the drama that keeps popping up in here (one lady in particular is yelling at random people).  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing funny about mental health, but I don't think I have the patience to deflect right now.  I also don't want to continue rambling either and scare you all off lol.  Until next time........

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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