Monday, November 19, 2012

Trumped Up Tuna

Hello Sweets,

I hope you all managed to get through your Monday.  My doctors appointment got pushed back until tomorrow and it couldn't come sooner because I am definitely getting worse!  I feel so awful that I almost didn't make my chunky tuna salad, but I didn't want to let you guys down, so I mustered up what energy I had and got my butt into that kitchen (see how much I love writing for you guys).

So as I said yesterday, I know tuna salad is a simple thing to make, but for whatever reason, I had a craving for really crunchy tuna salad lol.  So I looked through my magical crisper (lol) to see what I could add to plain old tuna, and I found all sorts of crunchy vegetables to add, so I now have a colorful and crunchy tuna salad made :)  Let us get on to the salad shall we?

Canuckette's Crunchy Tuna Salad
1 can of tuna (flaked or chucked, up to you)
1 celery stock
1 carrot (small-medium)
1 Spanish onion (just cut a 1/2" piece from the side)
1Tbs whipped dressing (or mayo)
2 baby dill pickles
pinch of salt
dash of pepper

1)  Drain the excess water out of the can (too much liquid can make for a runny sandwich icky!), empty tuna into a Tupperware container.  Break up any large pieces with a fork, set aside.

2)  Chop up the celery, onion, and pickle into bite size pieces.  I chose to shred the carrot, but you can just chop it if you'd like.  Add to the tuna.
lots of vibrate colors :)

3)  Add the whipped dressing, I like light mayo in my tuna salad, so you may want to add more depending on your preference.  Add the salt and pepper, and mix thoroughly.

And there you have it!  A colorful and crunchy tuna salad that you can enjoy in a sandwich, as a wrap, on top of a salad, or even on it's own.  You can add even more vegetables in it, or play with the spices and make it your own.  This is what I'd like to call an updated version of my grandmother's tuna salad. :)  In school I loved tuna salad, but would only eat it when I came home for lunch (always in elementary school).  I know I was a weird kid, loved tuna or egg salad but when it came to regular sandwiches it was either PB & J, or meat and bread only lol.  I'm so glad that my pallet has grown with me, it really took a long time for me to enjoy sandwiches the way they were meant to be. :p  Just another silly fact about me lol.

So last night Nathan and I were FaceTiming (have to when your 2,163km away from each other), and he decided he was going to get me some "just because" gifts, I know keeper right?  The things he found on Think Geek might have bothered some girls, but I got super excited!  He got me this really cool measuring spoon (I will show you guys in all its glory when I have it) that allows you to use one spoon for all your "spoon" measurements.  It has different ridges that show 1/2tsp, 1/2tbsp and so on.  It even has an opening in the spoon handle for liquids, so cool!!!  Then he got me a molecular cuisine starter kit, which means I can make food look like a science experiment, so fun!  You can bet that it'll be a post all on it's own.  I'll be making foam and bubbles (among other things) with real food.  It will be tasty, scientific, and fun all wrapped up it one.  And finally, the Hungry Scientist Handbook, a DIY cookbook to make all sorts of fun science treats.  An example would be light up lollipops, yup you read correctly.  I am totally exposing my geek side, but hey I'll let my geek flag fly without being embarrassed :)  

I am completely stoked that I can combine my love of the kitchen with my love of chemistry and anything science related.  It feels good to be exercising the brain with the wonderment of learning.  I really do have a great boyfriend, and yes I'm going to get mushy for a minute, but when you find someone that compliments you in every way (like Nathan and I), don't ever let them go, and always encourage them to reach for their dreams.  I support Nathan in everything he wants to do (even if it means we have days apart once living together), and he supports me by encouraging to follow my dreams and even with the blogging (he is after all my editor and publisher lol).

Well sweets, I'm going to go make yet another cup of hot tea and relax with a movie.  What do you guys think of today's post?  Is there a sandwich from your childhood that you've revamped?  I would love to hear from you guys about anything and everything, I love my readers :)  Until next time...........

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxoxo

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