Friday, November 16, 2012

Recipe Box: filled with ideas and love ;)

Hello Sweets,

I hope you all had a fantastic Friday, you're finally at the weekend and you can finally kick your feet up!  I on the other hand, am still sick as a dog :( I have almost completely lost my voice now, so I have been drinking plenty of hot green tea and orange juice in hopes of boosting my immune system.  Last night was awful, I could not sleep and then at about 4am I broke out with a fever, and it took forever to break it.  I don't have the fever anymore but the sore throat is there so I am still resting :)

Since my appetite is pretty much none existent, I obviously have not been cooking any new creations in the kitchen, I thought today's post should be about my lovely recipe box and it's story :)  As I have told you guys in previous posts, my love of cooking and baking started young in the home, but ironically I didn't start a recipe book or box, just watched carefully over my grandmothers or mothers shoulders.  I have always envied my grandmother's recipe box, it's one of those really old metal ones, big enough for only index cards or clippings, and in a lovely shade of army green.  Nothing special about it, but what's inside is where all the magic is :) and I have asked (and hope), that one day it will be mine so that I can keep the family recipes going.  So when I was seventeen, I moved out on my own, and my apartment didn't look like your typical young adults, it looked like a home and I took pride in that.  I would have family and friends over for dinner, where I would make a meal for everyone and sometimes even a dessert, but still I didn't write any of my recipes down and store them anywhere.  Then after a couple more moves in the city, I came across this promotional product (I think I saw it on TV) that I just couldn't pass up, my love of the kitchen had grown so much that I wanted to own this product!  It's called Grandma's Kitchen (very exciting that they are still around with a website too!), and when I started with them back in 2002 it was a monthly deal (for a small fee) where they sent you different recipes, from breakfast to desserts and everything in between, to add to your recipe box!
I like the cute little paisley prints on the box 
Still plenty of room inside, which is why I keep lots of extra index cards, and yes I do have everything organized by categories lol. (see the book I made for Nathan on Valentines day in the background, it's "our" love story)

Now I just looked them up online today for this article, to see if they are still around, and they definitely are :)  But their website is a phenomenal tool for any kitchen lover, they have all sorts of recipes and even explain different kitchen terms and the importance of each step.  I am so glad I looked them up online, because it is a great tool to have on hand for inspiration, or even if I am not sure about something I know I can count on Grandma Betty (author) ;)  What makes them even more amazing is that they have an app for the iPhone!!!  You know I've already downloaded it lol.  The one thing I truly loved about this program (I'm no longer in it) is that it has diversity, she doesn't just do the typical southern cooking, but a little bit of everything.  Can you tell I definitely recommend you guys check them out??  Lol, so what are you waiting for, click here!

Well sweets, my energy level has just dropped again. so it's another short but sweet post.  I have already decided to make myself a delicious dinner tomorrow, for me and for you guys too!  No I'm not inviting you over lol, but I will have another little Canuckette creation tomorrow to share with all of you, actually one of my favorite unconventional ways to make steak :)  Until next time.........

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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