Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Savory Scientist

Hello Sweets,

It's the end of the weekend, which means back to the grind tomorrow for all of you.  And me?  Well I'm off to the doctors because this cold has me in a stronghold, and I am over the fun fact of sounding like a jazz singer :(  I think four days of this is quite enough for me, so hopefully my doctor can take a look and make sure it's not strep throat or something else.

As I told you all yesterday, I'm working with Dave over at Impact's Views, to create a Canuckette Creations logo, and I wanted to show you guys the very rough sketch (he literally did this in 1 minute, his skill supersedes this) and the progress pic.  Now this is a one time sneak peek at the logo until it is completely finished, but I am just so excited about it, I had to share!

I make a pretty hot cartoon character lol
Left was the brainstorming sketch.  Right is a progress picture

See why I am so excited?  I wish I had even a sliver of his artistic talent, but I guess my creativity is best in the kitchen.  We all have a talent somewhere right?  While we were brainstorming what I wanted my logo to look like, Dave suggested something that I should give a try; savory cupcakes!  I wasn't sure what that would entail, so I have been researching since last night for ideas, and I have some pretty yummy contenders.  I bet you are all dying to know what I'm going to make, but that would ruin the surprise when I post it.  I will give you one hint.....bacon, that is all you get lol.

Needless to say, that one small suggestion from Dave sent my brain into scientist mode.  What different flavors can I bring together?  What unusual combinations can be brought to life?  What would someone never expect to see in the form of a dessert?  Right now my brain feels like a kid in a candy store, thinking of all different flavors, smells, tastes, pretty much anything and everything is flashing in that giant brain of mine.  If you guys have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you, clearly I am in creative kitchen mode and am really trying to think outside of the box.  

Now you're going to read tomorrows post and be all "Canuckette, I thought you were thinking outside of the box?", because tomorrow I am making tuna salad.  But I am going to do the tuna salad a little differently than I normally do.  I want a hearty and crunchy mix to it (don't ask me why lol because I don't know), so it may not seem so out of the box but it will be different than just a plain old tuna sandwich :)

I am also excited to announce that next month I will have my first guest blogger!  Dave, from Impact's Views, is going to make me some of his homemade gingerbread when I am in Texas next month for the holidays :)  He will show me this yummy recipe and write a little blurb to be included too, this will be my first guest blogger experience but I am sure it will be a great experience too!  Now I will be baking some of my savory treats that same day (or weekend), and will be sure to include the recipes in a post as well.  Since it is that time of the year, Christmas time, that means I am getting all my Christmas goody recipes together, and I am also looking for some new ones too.  So be prepared to be inundated with all your favorite treats.  Your taste buds are going to go into overdrive!  What are your favorite holiday treats?  Do you have a family member that makes something phenomenal each year?  My grandmother used to make a Christmas pudding with a brandy sauce, SO GOOD!!!  But sadly she has had to slow down a little with that.  I think I am going to surprise her this year and make it for her because I know she loves it just as much as the rest of us ;)

Well sweets, I am going to enjoy some hot green tea to soothe my throat and enjoy some zombies!

Yes, I watch The Walking Dead, I didn't think I would enjoy it, but Nathan has got me hooked (he always steers me towards great TV shows).  Please, as always, let me know what you guys think of the blog, or send me suggestions for recipes :)  I always love hearing from you guys :)  Until next time.............

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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