Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fun at 200mph or as fast as your electric beaters can go!

Hello Sweets,

Well now that I am finally settled back on Canadian soil again, which is more taxing than you would think.  When your energy is low, or non existent for that matter, unpacking is a nightmare.  I thought it would be a good time to do a recap of my weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway (it will be a little shorter but still great)!

I'm not sure of how many of you guys have ever been tailgating for any sport, but there is a lot of preparation that goes into it.  Making sure you have all the food and beverages, then the tent to protect you from the Texas sun, chairs, the grill, ice (lots of it), clothing options for the unpredictable Texas weather, and any thing else you think you might like (me for instance, I baked a whack of goodies to share with everyone).  But seriously it takes a couple of days to get everything together, and undoubtedly you'll forget something.  We forgot ice the first day, and the hot dogs on the second day lol.  But when you forget a couple of little things that are easy to replace, it's easier to just laugh it off.

So on my previous post about the race, I talked about how I came to love the sport and all that comes with it, and how even with my health, we have found ways to make it easier for me to enjoy it.  But today's post is all about the FOOD we had consumed over the weekend.  :)  Now I should give fair warning that there wasn't a whole lot of healthy food, but as long as you eat in moderation and stay active, you can indulge once in a while.
Nathan bought me my very own snack bag for tailgating and carrying into the speedway

Okay, so what we brought along with us could have probably fed a small army, but with three grown men I think bringing a little more is better than not enough lol.  On Friday we just brought some Doritos, hot dogs for grilling, an assortment of my baked goods (which included pecan pie muffins, pecan dreamsbrownies, and the original pecan pie muffins), peanuts, and a Cajun trail mix for me (really need to make my own one day).  Now for anyone who knows Nathan, knows he doesn't like cheese so I don't really eat a whole lot of it when I'm around him, but when we go to the races he buys me nachos :D, so I had that during the race.  Saturday we pretty much had the same, but because Nathan's dad had joined us we brought some potato chips and El Fenix tostada chips and hot salsa (if you are in Texas find the restaurant and eat there, they're that good!!), but this time Nathan and I shared a funnel cake (note: do not go to the booth manned by high school students or be prepared to shake 1lb of powdered sugar off of it lol).  Sunday was by far the best food, but alas my health was against me near the end of the race and since I was feeling so awful I went to sleep in the truck until it was time to go home, but they boys got to enjoy some traditional southern food; BBQ chopped beef with spicy sauce (so upsetting that I could not partake :( )

The boys at our tailgating area and my morning cup of special coffee ;) (our secret)

All in all it was a great weekend, we all had lots of fun and plenty of laughs.  Nathan, of course in his usual loving spoiling way, made it a great weekend for me and always goes out of his way to do whatever it takes to make sure I'm comfortable and happy :)  Oh and just like he did on  Saturday, we went back and got the second t-shirt which was still on sale (he spoils me so!).
My favorite part are the full length wings on the back :D

I am very excited because a few weeks back I won a giveaway that the lovely Sarah from My (mostly) Healthy life had put on for some allergen/gluten free mixes (bread, pancake/waffles, cakes too!) from Allergic Solutions and they arrived today in my Texas mail!!!

So now I am going to do some research because I want to use these products in the most healthy way possible :)  If you have any suggestions please let me know, as you know I love to try new things.  Until next time......

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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