Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Long Distance Love

Hello Sweets!

Well I am on my way back to Canadian soil again, sigh :(, which means I had to leave the love of my life back in Texas.  You would think that because we've been dating for over a year, and knowing we live in two separate countries, travelling back and forth about every six weeks or so, that I would be used to leaving, but alas, I cry like a little baby every time!  I don’t mean a couple of tears at the airport security line either.  I mean a day before, I will get a little sad, maybe even a tear, but the day of, I can just look at Nathan’s handsome face, and start crying.  lol  I think I have finally figured out why it gets worse every time I have to leave; it’s because every day I fall more and more in love with him, and I cannot wait to be with him for good, in due time :)

So with it being our last day together today, we did what we always do, that’s to make the most of it by just enjoying each others company.  Today, that meant a matinee movie date, and not just at any regular old theater, not even our normal “fork and screen” (fully licensed and service theater), but this time at a “cinema suite”.  It’s a little more pricey than a regular theater (although compared to Canada it’s cheaper…..weird), but worth every penny!  They have a full menu with your typical theater munchies, but then they have restaurant quality food that is absolutely delicious.  Funny fact: Nathan and I always say we’re going to try something new off the menu, but love our regular picks so much, we always end up ordering the same things hahaha.  I had the chipotle chicken and bacon panini, and Nathan had the thai coconut chicken tenders.  Needless to say, we were both extremely full and satisfied by the end of the movie.  Oh I guess you’d like to know which movie we saw.  We chose Argo, based on the declassified rescue of the six Americans trapped in Iran during 1980, which by the way was pretty good, considering I’m not a fan of Ben Affleck, it’s says something I think.  After the movie, we went back to the house for a few hours to spend time doing the one thing we love to do together; watch TV and cuddle. :)  It’s silly when you think about it, but even when it comes time to say goodbye to Bear (the fur baby), I get all teary eyed (it’s even worse when the whole family is there).  Afterwards, I gathered my things and it was off to the airport.  I can’t help but get upset when I’m hugging Nathan for our final goodbye.  Even the TSA agent checking the boarding passes asked me who I was leaving behind, because of my watery eyes.  While waiting in the security line, Nathan always waits for me to get through.  We are that couple that is smiling back at each other mouthing “I love you” and “I’ll miss you” all the way until I am through.  Once screened, it’s one final wave, and I venture to my gate, all the while texting Nathan my final I love you before I land back in Canadia.
I know a little dark, but you get the just of it!

So I am not sure about you guys, but while I'm waiting for the plane to be pushed back from the gate, I always peruse the complimentary magazines.  The things in the 'Sky Mall' never cease to amaze me and make me giggle.  So I thought I would share some of the things that I thought were crazy, just down right silly, and things I want to own and have in my own home.  First is a countrified cooler.  I would love to have this when Nathan and I own our first home for our back yard, so when friends and family come over to spend the afternoon grillin’ and catching up, we can have almost all the beverages out back with us so we can spend more time together, and less going in and out of the house for refreshments. 
Second would be this AMAZING shoe holder. I have a slight obsession with shoes, and not enough space to keep them all without cluttering the hall closet, so this is both practical and stylish.  Not your typical plastic shoe rack. 
I LOVE shoes lol
Okay, now on to some silly, makes you go “whaaat, why??”.  First up, is this ridiculous garden ornament.  Yup it’s a zombie, meant to look as if it’s coming out of the ground.  Now Nathan and I both enjoy watching the Walking Dead, but this is a little too far for my likings lol.  
Second is also for the garden or lawn:  Skeleton gnomes O_o I would really love to meet the people that have these things in their garden, because I bet they are pretty interesting people.  
Thirdly, a moustache mirror. LOL  It’s funny but very frivolous to say the least, like who really needs this!!
I guess it would be good for Movember, so you can decide on a style lol
And then I came across the section of prints, and I need to get this for when Nathan and I live together, because it is exactly how he makes me feel.  :)  I know, I know, I’m a mushy, cheesy girl, but he makes my heart pitter patter all day every day.  
yup, this is us :)
Well Sky Mall, your newest addition entertained me again, so thank you for making my pre-takeoff  more enjoyable lol!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and spent it with the people that make you the happiest!  Now I am going to sit back and enjoy the rest of my flight with my now famous pecan pie muffin, and some vino.  :)  Until next time……

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo 

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