Thursday, November 8, 2012

A bid farewell to my 28th year!

Hello Sweets!

I am sure everyone is thinking the same thing, that thankfully tomorrow is Friday, although it may be for various reasons, mine is because it's my birthday!!  Sadly that is the extent of my excitement as this whole week has not been good health wise, I'm just really hoping for a somewhat pain-free day tomorrow as these seem to be harder to come by, actually the more I type the shorter I think this post will be :(

My roomie Tereza and I last year celebrating my twenty eighth and looking great lol

I'm not doing anything for my birthday, literally nothing as everyone is busy, so as long as my arms allow it tomorrow I will be making my absolute favorite dessert, CHEESECAKE!!!  I haven't made one in a couple of years now, and normally I would be 100% confident in making it, but this time I am attempting to duplicate the Cheesecake Factory delight :)  I have been obsessed with cheesecake since I was little, my mom used to make an Upside Down Cherry Cheesecake, and that is where my obsession started.  I'm sure it will turn out well, but as this may be my only celebration for my birthday, I am putting a bit of pressure on myself.  Now as I read as I am writing this, it may seem like I am not happy about my birthday, but I am.  I just can't celebrate like a normal person.  The way my health has been getting worse, I find it harder and harder to enjoy the simple things in life that all of us take for granted, like hanging out with friends, going for dinner, or even enjoying a night of music and dancing.  I cannot wait until I have my surgery (less than five months now :D).  Once I have healed I am going to do all the things I was planning to do the summer I was diagnosed; white water rafting, going to an amusement park, and riding the roller coasters, but most importantly, having my nights out with my girlfriends (I miss laughing and dancing with all my fabulous friends).  So my thirtieth birthday will not be sad, I am going to embrace my thirtieth year like nobody's business!!

I have also been checking out some recipes for my leftover chicken that I still have, to use it in a more imaginative way.  Do you recommend any ways you like to use leftovers?  I think I am leaning towards either chicken pot pie, or maybe a yummy soup (clearly I have some direction lol), mainly because it's getting so cold outside, and I like a hot and hearty meal during the fall/winter months.

Well since my arm, neck, and shoulders are screaming in protest at this point (didn't take very long did it), I am going to bid you farewell until tomorrow, when hopefully I will come back and write a super happy birthday post!  Until next time.........

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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