Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm Coming Home!

Hello Sweets,

I know what everyone is thinking, aren't you are home already?  But you know the saying "home is where the heart is"?  Well my heart is in Texas, and that is where I feel most at home, and since the Christmas season is upon us, I am heading down to visit all of my favorite Texans!

I'm going to have to apologize again for the short post, but I have a lot of things to get together before I leave tomorrow evening, and with a doctors appointment tomorrow and a visit with an old friend, I have a jam packed day lol.  I'm really looking forward to my visit for many reasons, the obvious being I will be reunited with the love of my life, soul mate, and best friend Nathan, but also because he enjoys holiday baking as much as I do, so we are planning a cookie extravaganza if you will ;)  Since we are going to be baking traditional Christmas cookies, I of course started thinking of what I wanted to make, then it was like a message from above, as I'm standing in the line at the grocery store what do I see.....
Life works in wonderful ways.

I am a HUGE fan of the Food Network and all their lovely players.  Some of my favorites are Miss Paula Deen (Southern Bell), Ron Ben-Israel (Sweet Genius), Guy Fieri (Diners Drive Ins and Dives), and my newest find Jeff Mauro (Sandwich King), just to name a few.  Lol I know I know I'm a complete foodie geek but hey, everyone deserves to have a passion.  So anyways back to the magazine.  I'm excited to try some new recipes and have them all ready for the family functions we will be attending (at least 2 so I need to make sure to make bundles to be fair!).  I have never loved Christmas as much as I do until I met Nathan, now it is definitely one of my favorite times of the year!

Well I know it feels like I haven't been posting a lot in the last couple of days and I feel terrible, but rest assured, since I am going to be with my love in less than 40 hours (EKKKKK) you can bet that there will be tons of recipes (because we all know I spoil him), and tons to blog about since he always spoils me :)  Now I am off to double check my luggage, and then run through all my other last minute to do/check lists.  
Can you believe me, a girl, can pack only in carry-on? I know it's a gift lol

Until next time.......

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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