Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Piping Bags: A Thing of the Past?

Hello Sweets,

So I know yesterday I promised I'd be back at the oven with a new baked good for all of you, however we went on such a wild goose chase today it was too late to start anything when I got home.  I can say with certainty that I will have a recipe for you tomorrow.  You may be thinking 'How do you know?' Well tomorrow is Nathans birthday (actually it was a week ago, but I wasn't here, so it doesn't count lol).  So be on the lookout tomorrow for a yummy old fashion chocolate cake recipe, complete with homemade icing :)

So let me tell you all about this wild goose chase Nathan I went on, literally all day and all over town.  In preparation for all the holiday baking this season, we went to pick up all of the decorative ingredients I would need to make traditional Christmas cookies, amongst other things.  I had the bright idea to get a piping bag complete with multiple tips, because I'm baking all the time anyway, and I want to start working on the professional finished look of my treats.  Since we also had to find some twinkle lights for outside, and a stocking for myself (officially part of the McWhorter family!!), we figured Target and Walmart would have everything we would be need.  Well we couldn't have been more wrong.  At Target we found a disposable set, but I preferred a permanent bag in case we couldn't find the replacements, so we thought we'd check the house wares section, nada.  So we thought surly Walmart will have them, lol they didn't even have the disposable ones, and this was really starting to frustrate me.  On our way home we decided to check at Khol's because surely a department with an extensive kitchen section would have them.  Well they only had the tips, no bags (weird right?).  At this point it was dinner time so we decided it would be best to go home and eat something.  Then we started talking about making steaks tomorrow for dinner, and decided to go to Tom Thumb and grab some rib eyes to marinade overnight (it's Nathan's secret recipe but I'll give you a small insight later in the post).  Since we were at the grocery store, I thought I would pick up some more colored sugar and other Christmas themed decor.  Now at the grocery store they have a tiny section of cookware, in which we didn't think they would have the piping bags but decided to check anyways.  Well wouldn't you know it, they did!!  I was so excited, it was like an early Christmas gift.  Nathan thought my reaction was just too cute lol.
Check out my haul, and yes I make my own icing lol

Now I don't know if I had mentioned it before, but Nathan is a fantastic cook, especially when it comes to barbecuing, mmmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about.  So I let him take the reigns in that department, but it's always delicious :) I cannot wait for dinner tomorrow night.  Now I won't give out his recipe because it's not mine to share but I can give a glimpse into his kitchen so you can have an idea about what the flavors are like.
All the fixin's

Nathan starts by puncturing the rib eyes with a fork and rubbing with meat tenderizer, black pepper, seasoning salt, and garlic.  He then places them into a freezer bag (usually only 2 per bag) and douses them with Worcestershire sauce and steak marinade and carefully squeezes all of the air out to ensure the steaks really soak everything up.
final product

That's as much information as I can give you about the masterpieces that are Nathans steaks, but tomorrow I can show you how they turn out, along with a piece of yummy chocolate cake.  Just an FYI, this is my first post done completely on my new laptop, and I am officially in love with it (even when I get frustrated with windows 8 lol).  Until next time.......

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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