Sunday, December 30, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside....

Hello Sweets,

I hope you all had a fantastic Friday :)  Nathan and I had a great day.  We picked up some new blue rays and then he took me out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Red Lobster!  I LOVE seafood, and I fully believe that it is worth all the hard work that is required to get to the succulent meat.  Now that I am completely full, we are having a full on "gamers" night full of sugar and Star Wars.  I know I know I'm a little geeky, but hey whatever is fun for you, you should do!

Since we are going to be busy most of the night, I thought I would try and write my blog on our breaks, and since I don't have a super complicated recipe for all of you, I think it will work!  So I bet you're wondering what the correlation is between my title and the recipe; well it's simple they're both cold :)  Last year, I spent my first thanksgiving with Nathan's family, and for dessert they had something I had never seen before.   Have you heard of Ice Box Pie?   That is exactly what it was, and I wasn't really sure what to think of it, but I'm not rude and I like to try new things so I tried it.  It is very simple, not overly sweet, and a nice cool treat, plus it's yummy.  Let me show you how simple it is :)

Ice Box Pie (via Cooks)
1 can Eagle brand condensed milk
1 8oz container cool whip
1 6oz can frozen lemonade
graham cracker crust (I used a store bought one)

1)  Mix all ingredients except cool whip until well blended.

2)  Fold in cool whip and pour in graham crust

3)  Chill for at least one hour prior to serving.
front is pink lemonade and the back is limeade :)

So there you have it, a very easy dessert, perfect for if you need something in a pinch :)  Perfect for any holiday or family get together.

I know I said I was all done with all the Christmas recipes, but since this is a short post (sick day (also why you're getting this on Saturday), booo :( ) I thought I would share another favorite thing about Christmas since I started spending them with Nathan.
This beautiful tree full of white lights

On the way to the hanger or to Nathan's uncle, we always pass this cattle ranch, and in the middle of this vast field there stands a single tree.  Every single inch of it is covered in white lights, and on a cold winter night on the dark road it shines so bright it automatically brings a smile to your face.  Until next time.........

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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