Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Honey I'm Home!!

Hello Sweets,

Greetings from the great state of Texas (the greatest state).  I landed here this morning and have been in heaven every single moment.  Tonight's post will be short again but that is because I've had such a long couple of days, and honestly would really like to have some quality cuddle time with my love :)

So this morning I caught the red eye flight to Dallas, and anyone that knows me knows that I DO NOT do mornings well at all, which means I've had very little sleep.  The one thing I do love about early morning flights, is watching the sun rise in the sky.  Check out some of the beautiful pictures I managed to capture :)
Goodbye Canadia, so pretty before sunrise 
I love the fluffy clouds! 
Getting closer to the one I love 
Honey, I'm home <3  

So you know how I am constantly bragging that my soul mate Nathan is THE BEST boyfriend ever?  Well he has managed to completely amaze me again with some amazing news and a fabulous birthday gift, and I wanted to take this post to share the news with all of my lovely readers, and then I promise I will get back to baking and cooking up a storm tomorrow lol.  Anyone that knows Nathan knows he is extremely proud of his service within the US Army, specifically the US Cavalry, although he is retired, he will and always will be a part of them.  Now Nathan and  I have talked about spending the rest of our lives together, but what he surprised me with this afternoon is something I never expected, or even knew I could be apart of.  I am officially part of the "US Cavalry Order of the Garter", that means that Nathan and I are forever bonded through cavalry tradition of a declaration of the link between the woman and her trooper.  I am duty bound to forever display the traditional yellow garter if and when he is deployed, and until his safe return.  To me this a gesture of equal value as if he were to propose to me, as it is a reflection of our love and commitment to each other, forever and always.  Needless to say I cried tears of joy and couldn't be happier to accept such a wonderful token of our love.  God I have a fantastic man!
My official US Army document :)

I honestly didn't think my day could get any better than that, but I should have known that Nathan wouldn't have stopped there.  For the last six months at least, my little net book has been on it's last legs.  Well for my birthday, Nathan got me a snazzy new Sony Vaio laptop!  So next blog post will be done on my new toy :) For now we are setting it up and transferring all my essential files over.  Here's a peak at my new laptop;

Going from a 10" screen to a 17.3" screen, is amazing on the eyes, and I think Nathan is most excited to teach me how to be a "gamer" (I am too to be honest, just means more time with my man ;) ).  

So that is all I have for tonight.  Have any of you guys had any exciting news lately?  Maybe a new toy?  I always love to hear from you guys so please feel free to drop me a line, or even just say hi!  Until next time.....

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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