Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So Very Sleepy

Hello Sweets,

I'm tired :(  This whole moving process is wearing me out, and making me sore.  Which is why my post today is going to be a check in/what's up with me post.  I promise tomorrow we'll be back to baking some yummy treats, pinky promise!

So I cleaned out my part of the deep freeze today, along with a good portion of my cupboard (don't worry I left enough for me to survive).  My grandfather and I brought it all over to my new place **happy dance**, and now my kitchen is starting to really come together.  Now with that being said, I'll probably reorganize it a bujillion times over the next week or so, but that is just me and I'll want it perfect lol.  I know for sure there is one cupboard that won't be changed at all.  That is my tea and spices cupboard, that's because it is a small narrow cupboard so it's just the right size for them!  Tomorrow I'll be bringing a little more food over and also a small piece of furniture for my bathroom.  Anyone who knows me knows I love to organize, so this is going to make my bathroom counter clean and that's harder for us girls ;)  I'm also going to pick up some new baking pans, because some were ruined by a cleaning solution and one seems to have disappeared O_o  Luckily there is a sale on Wilton (my favorite baking brand) products so I'm getting the good stuff!  While I'm buying that I also need to buy a step stool since my shoulders are always in pain.  Slowly but surely I'm making my new apartment a home, I'll take some progress pics tomorrow to share with y'all.

For now I am back to my final stages of packing, anyone want to come finish this for me?  Lol can you tell I hate packing, doesn't help that I'm tired and sore already.  *Sigh*  Just thinking about getting to work is making me sleepy, enough procrastinating I am off!  Until next time....

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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