Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quality Time, Quality Food

Hello Sweets,

I am tired, how about y'all?  I couldn't sleep last night because my head felt like it was going to explode, thanks to my injections :(  I had to be up early for my landlord to come by, and then do some quick grocery shopping for the dinner tonight.  Thankfully I got everything taken care of pretty quickly, and since I did all of the clean last night I managed to relax before prepping the food.  Tonight's post is going to be a short one because I didn't take any process photos (oops), and I'm feeling a little lazy lol.  But as I'm sitting here I'm thinking about baking something tonight, lol maybe muffins?  Who knows, but one things for sure, I'll have a new recipe tomorrow ;)

My grandparents picked a Mediterranean salmon as the star of the dinner, so I was tasked to prepare it and prepare some delicious sides too.  I chose to leave the salmon as it was, because it was already seasoned and didn't want to muddle the flavors up.  I personally love brussel sprouts, I know most people don't and it seems those that do cover them with cheese.  Yuck!  I stemmed them just enough to soften them, and then finished them off in the frying pan.  I added a little butter, salt, and pepper, then tossed them a little more.  I also made some brown rice for our starch, I didn't do too much to it.  I just made sure that it wasn't too dry, then added butter and salt.  It was a very simple dinner, but it was delicious.  My grandparents were very happy and satisfied.  Again my grandma ate a good helping of food, which is something she doesn't do enough.  We finished dinner off with the Chocolate Molten cake that I made last night, they both finished everything on that plate lol.  I really like making food for them, but it's even better now that I can have them here at my apartment :)

Now I'm going to go through some of my recipe books to see what delicious treat I can make tonight.  Until next time....

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo
Healthy and yummy!

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