Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Twist on Something Old

Hello Sweets,

Well I am happy to say that the cupcakes I made for the party were a huge success!  Needless to say we stayed a little later than planned so that is why there was no post last night.  Which brings me to my big announcement for the week, drum roll please, I am officially going into business :)  I'm starting small and slow, with small functions like birthdays and what have yous, but if all goes well I may give it 100% of my time.  I actually already have a new job set up for a little boys birthday, when I get more details I will of course be sharing with y'all.  I do need to take a moment and give a HUGE thank you to my love Nathan, without your encouragement I wouldn't have put myself out there, you're amazing!  Also a thank you is owed to my mother and sister for a little push too ;)

Since it's Sunday and I now have to do some research and look at setting up a website for my little biz, I thought I would do a quick little post on something new I tried while in Texas.  Y'all know how much Nathan loves my cinnamon rolls, well instead of my traditional cream cheese icing I decided to go with something a little unusual.  It was a huge hit, so now y'all can try it with your cinnamon rolls next time!

Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Icing
8oz cream cheese, softened
2Tbs butter
2Tbs light brown sugar
1Tsp vanilla
1Tsp almond extract
1Tbs honey
1Tbs icing sugar (last minute addition)

1)  Melt butter and allow to cool.  In a large bowl combine cream cheese, butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and almond extract.

2)  Beat with an electric mixer, when mixture starts to stiffen stop and add honey.

3)  Continue to beat until light and fluffy.  Be careful to not over mix or it will collapse.

4)  Upon taste testing the mixture I found it needed a little more sweetness to compare to traditional cream cheese frosting so I added the icing sugar.  Mixed for a couple of minutes and bingo!

This icing compliments the cinnamon rolls very well, as it brings out the sweetness of the brown sugar but not too much :)  I think this icing will be made every other time just to change things up a bit.

I can't begin to tell y'all the nervous but excited feeling I have right now, I've literally been grinning while writing this entire post!  So if you or anyone you know lives in the London Ontario area or in the Dallas/Fort Worth area please feel free to contact me for an estimate.  Of course I am not in both areas at the same time so it will be based on my schedule, but hopefully I can be there for your next sweet treat needs ;)  Until next time.....

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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