Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spice Spice Baby

Hello Sweets,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I have been laying pretty low since I have been feeling "off", but decided that I needed to try and take my mind off of that by getting back into the kitchen tonight!  We met up with our friend Dave tonight to exchange our Christmas gifts, and boy do people really know what I like!  Take a gander at my lovely gifts, can you tell I have a real passion now lol?

Thanks Dave!! Apparently this wine book will make me a bit of a wine snob lol

One other little gift Dave gave to me was my finalized logo cartoon!!  Check it out, then head over to his website.  He is in the middle of overhauling his blog so be prepared for the format to change in the coming months :)  It will soon be an art based blog, and trust me when I say he has the skills as you can see below.
Isn't she lovely :)

So as I had told you all in my last recipe post, while making the spicy green sauce for the enchilada's my kitchen creation wheels started turning with ideas for a new extra spicy salsa.  Being in Texas with Nathan and his family has shown me that if you say you're going to make something spicy you better be sure it delivers, so I didn't skimp on the heat but I am only posting this recipe as a guideline because not everyone likes it hot like we do lol!

Canuckette's Extra Spicy Salsa
(remember this is just a guideline, use your discretion)
20-30 tomatillos 
15-20 serrano peppers
5 habenaro peppers
1/2 white onion
1 lemon, zested and juiced
garlic, chopped
black pepper
garlic powder
sea salt
seasoning salt
1)  Remove the husks from the tomatillos and the stems from the peppers, and wash them.

2)  Place them all in a pot and boil until the tomatillos are lighter in color and soft.

3)  While that is boiling zest and juice your lemon, then mix with the chopped onion.  Plus check out a couple more of my fun kitchen gadget gifts :)
super easy with all the fun tools :) (not shown is my kitchen aid chopper)

4)  Drain the water from the pot and then transfer everything into a blender, adding seasoning to your preferences.  Blend until desired consistency is reached and enjoy!

There you have it a super easy and affordable homemade salsa, plus you'll have a good amount perfect for a party or get together!

Well folks I only have a couple more days left with Nathan before I go home so you can bet I'll be baking something new and delicious :)  Plus he made some amazing and yummy shrimp for dinner so I'll be blogging about that tomorrow.  Until next time.............

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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