Thursday, January 3, 2013

When I Was Young

Hello Sweets,

Well today has been a bad health day for me :(, every part of my body is achy and this migraine seems to be never ending.  So needless to say I didn't create anything new in the kitchen.  Actually I spent the day relaxing and watching cute animal shows lol (really did).

Having a sick day made me remissness back to when I was small and had sick days at home with grandma.  So for today's post I'm going to talk about the things that make me feel a little better, both then and now!  Actually you would be surprised how many of the tricks my grandma used are still applicable, funny how things from your past make you both feel small again but still work.  Now there are my typical staples such as ginger ale, crackers, toast, and chicken noodle soup, but there are some that you wouldn't think would do the trick at all.  Now I am sure you are wondering what they could be and I'll tell you :)  French fries, especially when I am nauseous (weird right?), cookies lol really, and probably the silliest ice cream.  There are only three flavors that I can have when I'm not feeling well, the obvious is vanilla, but then we have a couple of unusual suspects.  The first one Nathan and I came across at PF Changs restaurant, it's the perfect blend of mellow flavors;  pineapple coconut (sooo yummy).  Then the final flavor that takes me back to when I was a child that combines my favorite fruit with the deliciousness that is ice cream; black cherry!  So when Nathan and I were at the grocery store and he noticed they had some, I couldn't pass it up.

This has actually helped on more then one occasion, and needless to say since I don't feel well now I am going to enjoy some right now!  Until next time............

Stay sweet

Jennifer xoxoxo

p.s. I'll have a regular length post tomorrow, I promise to rest up tonight :)

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