Monday, October 8, 2012

What is Canuckette Creations?


Hey Sweets!! 

My name is Jennifer and I have a passion for baking and cooking, well maybe it's better to describe it as an obsession :p.  My goal one day is to do this as a career, working for myself either with a cute little shop or a catering business with the same title.  Now this will really be pursued once I am living in the great state of Texas with my love Nathan.  Until then I'll keep spoiling my family, friends, and co-workers, oh I should probably add I work for Canada's largest fitness company GoodLife fitness and yes I bring goodies both healthy and traditional to the office and you'll never hear a complaint!

My goal for this blog is to share my adventures as I explore my love of food and the prep that goes into it.  For as long as I can remember I have always been in the kitchen, whether helping my grandma with baking cookies, cakes, and everything in between to helping my mom prepare dinners.  I was fortunate enough to be gifted in both baking and cooking, my mom and grandma were not so fortunate lol it was only one for each.

Growing up in a single parent home and with a little sister, gave me that extra push to really step up my "kitchen game" early on.  Being mom's little helper went a long way back then, and now when it's Christmas baking season I'm the first she'll call.  Since my grandparents are getting older I will go over a few times a week to have a meal with them, and maybe even spice things up a bit with new seasonings.

Living with my friend and her son gives me the ultimate test kitchen, with two great taste pallets; 1) the picky eater and 2) the kid test.  I feel that these are the two hardest hurdles to pass when in the kitchen, and if you can get the green light from them you know you have an instant success.

So why did I decide to start a foodie blog you ask, well my good friend Sarah inspired me with her   She writes about healthy food choices (great paleo ideas), her love of fitness, and even a little fashion and fun now and then.  Definitely check it out she has a fun way of blogging and informing, plus she is awesome lol.  Why is my blog called Canuckette Creations? Well I was born and raised in Canada but most of my family is from the USA. Four years ago I met the love of my life, and ever since his family met me I was to be forever known as Canuckette (thanks to his dad). So in a homage to his father I thought of the clever name, plus I secretly love it haha but shhhh don't let him know.

Since it's Thanksgiving here in Canadia, I baked some yummy desserts for my grandparents dinner, but that was the same night I decided to start my foodie blog so sadly there is only one picture and no step by step pictures :(  But don't worry I will be baking my now newly famous Pumpkin Spice cupcakes with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Icing with graham crumble very soon, as in within weeks for my boyfriends family :) (they have seen and heard about them so there is no getting out of this haha).

Here's my homemade Eggnog and a delicious Pumpkin cupcake
For now I will wish my Canadian's a happy Thanksgiving and everyone else happy baking!  I promise my next post will include step by step pictures and a recipe of my next endeavour :)

Stay sweet!

Jennifer xoxoxo

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  1. Jenn! This is a great first post and thanks for the shout out!! This is going to be so much fun for you!! :)