Friday, October 12, 2012

Belmont Haunted Corn Maze

Good evening Sweets!

I hope you all had a fantastic Friday :) I know I have, mostly because my other half was here to keep me all smiles!  So tonight after a lovely dinner with my grandparents, I decided to take Nathan to a Halloween tradition of mine...the Belmont Haunted corn maze!!  Now for those of you who don't know my love is from Texas, so venturing out the open country in a corn field after dark in Canada had him a little weary.  I reassured him it would be fun and I obviously needed someone to protect me from the ghoulish creatures that would be hiding within the corn ;)

My love and I all bundled up and ready to go!

Since I had gone before with my girlfriends, I thought to myself I would not be as easily scared as before.  Boy was I wrong lol the two things that has always scared were of course there but I didn't think they would be there or at the very least I wouldn't be as jumpy.  So what were the two things that scared me you ask?  A) the chainsaw guy, he always chases me and if you keep running so does he lol you'd think I'd learn but no.  B) the scary clown, now I would not say that I'm deathly afraid of clowns but I watched "It" as a child and they scary ones freak me out lol.  Since Nathan was a scout in the Army nothing phased him, actually he said that he quite enjoyed watching me jump, scream, and even run.

Shot of me and the corn maze (no cameras or flashlights allowed or you would have pics of me running lol)

Obviously we both made it out unscathed and very chilly, so of course the first thing you want besides the warmth of the car is hot chocolate!!  So we headed to the nearest Tim Horton's and ordered some hot chocolate, white for me and regular for him.  Good things Nathan likes coffee because they did not give him hot chocolate at all but just regular coffee with cream.

Enjoying our yummy warm beverages

Needless to say it was a fantastic evening of good old Canadian fun, full of smiles, giggles, and screams.  Plus it was a great way to get in some exercise, since it's in the dark, uneven terrain, and a little of running too ;)  Did any of you guys do something fun tonight?  Or maybe something this weekend? Until next time....

Stay sweet!

Jennifer xoxoxo

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