Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baking and Cooking is best done with the heart

Hello Sweets!

I'm sure everyone at some point in time has baked or cooked for that special someone in your life, and I am sure even if we messed it up by burning, misreading instructions, or just something tastes off that same person will either try to make you laugh about it or eat it regardless (these are why they are the loves of our lives right?).  I will be the first to admit both parts; a) I love to bake and cook for the love of my life, Nathan, and b) both him and his father got to witness me dumping a bowl of ingredients into the garbage because I swapped two of the ingredients measurements lol (mine was flour and it was WAY too much) and not to mention the cupcake debauchery (no tins lol needless to say they were a little flat and sad looking).  Hopefully when it happens you can do what I did and have a  good laugh at my silly error, and of course when you do it in front of others you might not hear the end of it, like I still do LOL!!

Nathan and I 

I tend to go a little crazy with Nathan, I bake cookies every time I visit (maybe it's because we are 2,083 kms away from each other that I tend to spoil him), on his birthday I told his mother and grandma that I would be baking his cake and there would be no more store bought cakes(ick!), and I even have made a flank roast with all the fixings for him and his brother (considering I had never made one before it was DELISH!).  But every time he always tells me "you know you don't have to do that right?", of course I know and I always say that I want to do it.  I have always baked and cooked for the end  result in watching someone enjoy the delectable morsels, more often then not I won't really eat much of what I make (which is probably good or I would be going to the gym more then doing what makes me really happy :)).  

Needless to say when he comes to see me there are goodies already waiting when he walks in the door.  The reason I tried a new recipe on Sunday was because he will be here tomorrow!!!!!  My roommate knew as soon as the house smelled like pumpkin and allspice that his visit was right around the corner (her and her son also benefit when I bake).  So after baking his pumpkin spice cupcakes I was left with pumpkin puree which got me thinking, I don't want to waste the leftovers so what can I make while he is here (I hate wasting anything)?? 

Mmmm pumpkin puree

Since he is here for a few days I of course picked up breakfast food to make for him like fruit, eggs, and bacon (I'm a granola girl, just cannot get enough of my cereal hmmm maybe I should make my own!!).  Then it dawned on me, I always make pancakes so why not pumpkin pancakes!!  Of course I had to run this past him as he can sometimes be picky (oddly enough not usually anything I make him ;)), and he is game!  So guess what I'll be preparing tomorrow for Fridays breakfast......yup you guessed it Pumpkin Pancakes!  That also means a blog with a recipe and step by step pictures, I'm very excited.....and clearly a newbie lol.

Stay sweet,

Jennifer  xoxoxo

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