Monday, October 14, 2013

Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road Eh?

Hello Sweets,

Happy Thanksgiving!! To all the Canadians that is lol, and yes I know the Mayflower landed in November but since it gets cold so early here we celebrate the harvest.  With my family we do the dinner on the Sunday because lets face it no one wants to spend Monday doing the clean up lol.  As my regular readers know, sleep for me never comes easy, but last night I was so "turkey tired", I crashed early and got at least 8 hours of solid sleep!!  I was trying to talk to Nathan last night but I kept yawning and he told me to go to sleep because he had a good feeling about my likelihood for achieving it.  As much as I hate to admit when he's right, he was dead on this time lol.

So yesterday we all traveled out to my mothers house, she lives about 45 minutes from where we are.  Since we were going to her house, she was doing most of the cooking.  My responsibility was desserts (of course), and since I had made cupcakes for a birthday I had some left over.  What's more thanksgiving festive than Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes?  However, my mom really wanted to try the Chocolate Mud Pie I had made Nathan for our anniversary.  I made some small changes to the recipe though, instead of using boxed chocolate pudding and cool whip I made everything from scratch.  I used the chocolate pudding recipe from earlier this month, then I made some whipped cream from scratch.  Let me give you the recipe for the whipped cream and then I'll share some pictures from our family fun day!

Whipped Cream
1C heavy cream
1tsp vanilla
1Tbs confectioner's sugar
**DO NOT use a light cream as it will take forever to whip**

1)  In a large cold bowl, whip cream until stiff peaks just begin to form.
 2)  Beat in vanilla and sugar until stiff peaks form.

3)  Make sure to not over beat cream or it will become lumpy and butter like.

Everything I read online about subbing real whipped cream for cool whip said it would be too heavy and it may change the structure.  However I did not seem to have that problem, I actually felt that it was the same consistency as cool whip.  When I subbed all the homemade ingredients into the recipe I actually felt the structure was better than it was with all fake stuff.
It was so full I had to wait to put the whipped cream on at my moms or it would have gotten squished!

see how the layers are nice and strong :)

I was very proud that it turned out, even better, than the original!!  Needless to say I won't be making it the old way ever again :)  Now let's see some thanksgiving pictures!!

pre-dinner play time!

He decided to sit at the cool kids table ;)
mmm my yummy dinner, and there are even more brussels sprouts under the bread!
now you see it...
now you don't!!
this is sugar pie, never heard/had it before but it is soooo good :D
a little after dinner transformer play!

Needless to say it was a wonderful day full of family, fun, and laughs.  Of course everyone left with full bellies and a package of leftovers (my favorite part!), I was so full I actually dozed off a little with Miguel on the drive home.  It was sort of cute, I helped him get comfy on his doggy pillow which made him lean to my side.  Then when I fell asleep I was leaned up against his car seat, so it looks like we were resting on each other :D  I love my little monkey!

I'm thinking tomorrow I will do a small post on what I do with leftovers, other than the obvious of reheating it as is lol.  But I do have a couple of ideas in the works, and my mother gave me some old school cookbooks so you know I'll be baking something out of there too!  Until next time....

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo


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