Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pain in the Shoulder

Hello Sweets,

As my title suggests this is going to be a short and fairly unpleasant post.  Not unpleasant as in "ugh I don't want to write tonight", but more along the lines of "holy hannah my shoulder is hating me right now!".  Today started out okay, I didn't get much sleep but that did not stop me from going to church :)  Nathan thinks it's both crazy and cute, crazy because it's 2 hours long but cute because the first hour is all singing and I love to sing lol.  It was nice to see some of the more familiar faces today, they are such caring and genuine people.  I caught up with a couple of the women that have been a pillar for me at times, and then picked up on all the new programs that started.  It might sound a little crazy but I like doing some of the classes, it's informative and social all at the same time.  And if I go to the right ones I get fed, and very good food at that!

After church I went over to my grandparents to bake cookies there and spend some time with them, and maybe pick up some crosswords lol.  My sister and her husband came over as well, which means my little monkey was too!  He was asleep when they got there, but he's so cute when he sleeps that it was okay :)  Since we were all there and it's my grandparents anniversary we decided to all have dinner together.  Nothing special just pizza, but any time with family is a special time right?

I came home with full intentions of blogging about these delicious cookies that I made, and then I realized my shoulder had other plans.  The pain is so bad that with each press of a key it sends pain up my neck :/  I guess I should have seen this coming, I've been having a lot of left front temporal lobe migraines and that seems to be a precursor sometimes.  So I have decided that I'll save the cookies for tomorrow, but trust me they're worth the wait.  It's funny I say that because I haven't tried them yet lol!  I'm only going off of what my nephew, sister, and brother in-law said lol, but I am sure they are right ;)

Oh one more little announcement, in two days my little blog will be turning 1!!!  I think something special is in order, now to just figure out what....

Until next time....

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxoxo

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