Friday, February 8, 2013

Generation Recipes

Hello Sweets,

I hope you all made it through the week unscathed, and hopefully you're now sitting with your feet up with a glass of vino and maybe even a good blog to read lol ;)  Okay okay I want to be honest and candid for a moment, I'm having a hard time trying to write this post, I've got some personal stuff going on (something I could have prevented) and it's really affecting my ability to write :(  But I know enough about being sad to realize I need to at least try to do things that make me happy, not to mention I am UBER behind in my posts and I feel I owe it to my readers to give them something yummy since it's been a while :)  So bare with me through the next few posts (there may even be multiples on some days), I am sure I'll get back to my old self soon!

I cannot think of a better type of recipe than one that's been passed down through the family, they're like little treasures right in your kitchen, gems of yummy goodness if  you will.  A girlfriend of mine sent me a copy of her "cookbook", and it has a lot of generational "hand me downs", which reminds me I need to take a gander and try some of them out (side tracked :/).  Sometimes you'll keep everything as is because the recipe is just that good, but sometimes you'll want to put a little of your own flavor in it (I tend to do this a lot lol).  The recipe I have to share with you guys today is at least a third generation recipe now if not four, and I can remember eating this when I was an itty bitty.  My grandmother makes the moistest banana bread I have ever had, even my friends that have tried it say the same thing, it's really that good so don't pass on this recipe ;)  My grandfather used to have a small garden at their house that was filled with tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, raspberries, strawberries, and zucchini.  So when there was an abundance of zucchini's, which happened every year, the banana bread became zucchini bread which was equally as good and moist.  This is a great recipe for a couple of reasons; it's versatile whether you want loaves or muffins, and you can add anything your heart desires to it (I LOVE peanut butter so that's my twist).

Grandma's Moist Banana Bread
1/2C butter, room temp
1C sugar
2 bananas, mashed
1 1/2C all-purpose flour
1 egg
1 Tsp nutmeg or cinnamon (I used both, split fairly evenly)
1 Tsp baking soda, dissolved in 1 Tbs of warm water
1 Tsp vanilla or almond flavor
1/2C peanut butter (estimated)
I decided to add the peanut butter last minute (as per usual)

1)  Preheat oven to 350F.  Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl.

2)  Bake for 22 minutes (approx) until golden brown, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.  Allow to cool in the pan.
 mmmmm they were very tasty

Yet another simple but fabulous recipe, you have to love a recipe that takes up all of seven dishes (that's counting all the measuring utensils too) because no one wants to be doing dishes all night right?  I have grabbed one of these muffins on a busy morning or even as a dessert instead of something overly sweet.  The nice part about adding the peanut butter was it gave a slightly subtle taste as you're finishing the muffin, not overpowering at all!

Well my lovely readers that's all I've got in me for right now :( , but hopefully I can keep busy with some light housework that needs to be finished.  Be sure to come back tomorrow as I have a "whimsical" (never get to use that word enough lol) recipe for everyone, this is a one of a kind original recipe that I literally threw together because I wanted to try something new from the produce section (you'll be seeing more of these types of posts as I am feeling adventurous).  Until next time.....................................

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxoxo

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