Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Twist On Something Old

Hello Sweets,

I'mmmmmmmmmmmm backkkkkkkkkkk!!!  I know I know, it's been forever since I wrote a post. Well okay, almost two weeks, but damn it feels longer.  I'm so sorry but I had some personal growth to do and now I feel better than ever :) and I am happy with the steps I've taken in the last couple of weeks and have re-lit the flame of my passion again and it feels great!  My baking and blog no longer feels like a chore (cue the happy dance), which really had me down, but now being rejuvenated, I am ready to hit the ground running :)

So I have found some great outlets with some supportive women to help me get through my bad days, there is even a luncheon that we have once a week which means a whole new group of people to feed my baked goods.  At first I was nervous (surprise surprise) about having a whole slew of people trying my treats, but then I just reminded myself that I'll only get better when I have a wider spectrum of people's feedback.  It might sound funny, but I feel like a new woman, with an even brighter flame for my "torch of passion" ;) and I am trying new things and recipes like nobody's business.

Now the recipe I have for you guys tonight isn't a new one, it's actually a new version of a recipe I've shared with you before.  It also isn't one that I brought to the luncheon, those babies will start coming out tomorrow, and they are yummy and delicious.  So do you remember waayyyy back when I introduced myself to kale?  Well I was in the grocery store a week or so ago when I came across it in the produce section again, and I decided that I would make it again but would change it up a little bit.  Without further ado, I present to you my new and "fresh" kale chips!

Canuckette's Twisted Kale Chips
1 bunch of Kale
mint, fresh
garlic powder
sea salt
cayenne pepper
black pepper
celery salt
olive oil

1)   Preheat oven to 350F.  Wash the kale and mint, cut the leaves off of the spine, chopping the leaves into bite size pieces and place in a bowl.

2)  Add olive oil (maybe a couple of tablespoons, I don't use measurements) and all of the spices.  Toss the mixture to distribute the spices and oil evenly.

3)  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place the kale on it in a single layer.  Place into the preheated oven and bake for 15-20 minutes or until crispy.

4)  Allow to cool, and enjoy your healthy yet salt satisfying treat!

Adding the mint gave the kale chips this refreshing kick to them, and the celery salt gives it a clean yet salty taste as well.  This was a spur of the moment kind of recipe.  I didn't plan a single ingredient as I originally was going to use the kale in a salad but forgot about it and needed to use it quickly before it spoiled.  I encourage all of you to try your own twists on this recipe, adding different spices and herbs to take it to a whole new level of fresh and healthy :)

Now I know this post is a little short, but I'm getting back into the swing of things and feel that if I keep writing I might start rambling on lol which isn't too much of a stretch.  However, tomorrows post will be new and exciting and I may even let myself ramble a little since I have missed you all so much :)  Until next time...............

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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