Sunday, May 5, 2013

Now Socially Acceptable!

Hello Sweets,

Spring is finally here!!!!!!!! Yes us Canadians have to wait longer than the rest of you to enjoy the nicer weather, but it has been fabulous and warm out so I couldn't be happier :)  Well actually I can, but until Nathan and I are reunited I will have to settle for sunshine only.  I took a walk the other night (no more treadmill for this girl) and I caught myself smiling because the weather was perfect and the smell of fresh cut grass assures me it's here to stay *happy dance*.

We've actually been fortunate enough to has some amazing summer like weather, weather just like Texas, which makes me miss my love but the warmer the weather the happier I get :D  Oddly enough our weather in good old Canadia has been warmer then Texas O_o but hey I'll take it!  So since it's been so warm I decided to make some more...............Canucksicles!!!!!!!  Yes that's right I made more but in a new flavor, which means a short but sweet post for a sleepy Sunday :)  But don't worry I've got some wonderfully delicious treats for you this week, I actually had a day where I was feeling especially creative and made a few different treats (this is where the cancuksicles were revamped), and I even spiced up one of my favorite dinner meals which is also the first full meal I had ever made at the rip old age of 12!  So as you can see my love of food started young and just kept growing into the passion I have today, let's get to the sweet stuff shall we?

Canucksicles #2
1 1/4C strawberries, quartered
1 banana, sliced
1/2C orange juice
1/3C yogurt (orange juice)

1)  Chop up all your fruit into small manageable pieces for your bullet or blender.

2)  Place into the blender with the orange juice, blend just slightly before adding the yogurt.

3)  Add the yogurt and blend until completely liquefied, pour into your popsicle molds and put into the freezer to set.

So as you can see you can make popsicles with what ever you choose, I am actually toying with a green popsicle lol yup but I can't tell you what my secret ingredients are until it's complete :)  Be inventive and creative and most importantly don't be afraid to try something new and unusual.

So I know it's a short post today but it's Sunday and I have a day full of family, friends, and laughter so I think you guys will be okay with a short one :)  I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday whether you're relaxing with your feet up, or outside getting active with your loved ones!  Until next time..........................

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxoxo

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