Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Thing A Canadian Knows.......

Hello Sweets,

I've been away for far too long :( and I feel awful about it, but trying to keep my health and pain at a manageable level can be difficult. I am back on Canadian soil after spending a week with my love and his family just relaxing and taking care of myself and I am ready to get back to writing (again). Since I still have some completed recipes that I haven't written about, I'm diving into the Canuckette vault of goodies!

So what is one thing a Canadian knows for sure? Anything cold! Considering it's almost the end of April you'd expect to see April showers right? Well you could imagine the shock on my face when I saw snow falling from the sky this afternoon, ugh not a happy girl. Although I am Canadian, I absolutely hate, and I mean hate, cold weather lol I know I'm a terrible Canadian. However I do love Popsicles all year round.  No matter what the weather is doing, I still want my Popsicles. It is one of my go-to foods when I'm not feeling well.  Then it dawned on me, I could make Popsicles that would help me get some vitamins and other goodness in me even when I don't feel like eating at all. Previously I brought you "Canuckette's fruity cubes" and now I'm bringing you Canucksicles!!! There simple, easy, and most importantly they are tasty :)

Orange juice
Yogurt (whatever flavor or type you prefer)

1) Combine all ingredients into a blend or magic bullet.

2) Puree the mixture until it is completely liquefied. Then transfer it into a Popsicle mold and place in the freezer to set.

You can change up everything in this recipe; the juice you use, the fruits, and even the yogurt. If you're feeling extremely adventurous try throwing in some veggies, as long as you balance it with a sweeter fruit (like bananas) you most likely won't even notice, better yet, the kids won't!

I know this post was short but I wanted to ease myself back into the swing of writing and relight my passion and get back to the basics. The good news..... I'm on my way there :)

Stay sweet,

Jennifer xoxo

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